Below some common questions and answers.

Getting Started

Can I get my order sooner?

Depending on the item, and your deadline, this may or may not be possible. Send me an email, with your deadline and the order you’re looking for and we can figure something out!

What is your minimum order quantity?

All items are priced for individual sale. Specific items like earrings or sets that are intended to be worn or used in multiples will be sold as such.

Did you make this yourself?

I aim to build and create all the items that will be sold on this site. These will be labeled as Nubby Dog Originals.  

In the beginning, there may be some items (like hats and t-shirts) that will be provided by an online fulfillment company. (and more exciting:) In the future, I may also include some offerings hand built by fellow makers on their own, or in collaboration. 

However it works out the items will be clearly marked so you know exactly what you’re getting! 

What's your privacy policy?

I’ll NEVER sell your personal information. Ever.

Social media:
I will occasionally repost photos of Nubby Dog Co. goods that you’ve chosen to share publicly.  (we always appreciate us, and be sure to tag @nubbydogco so we can show you off!)

Private email, or PM’s:
If you send me a photo of your Nubby Dog Co. goods in a private fashion, I may ask to post it on our social media.  I’ll only ever do this with permission.

Other Personal stuff:
Other personal information like your real name, location, contact infrormation, credit card details, and anything else that persionally identifies you will be safeguarded to the absolute best of my ability by choosing reputable partners for payment processing, and keeping software and security patches updated.   I’ll never sell, trade or otherwise disclose this information to outside parties without your explicit permission.

As a small business, we appreciate your support, and respect your privacy!


Can you ship internationally?

Absolutely!  We travel quite regularly so it’s possible that I’ll be shipping internationally anyway, depending on where we happen to be located.  Because it can be a tricky and expensive process to get stuff shipped across borders I’ll work with you to keep the costs down to something reasonable.

Can I pick up my Order if I'm nearby?

Because we move around, this is a definite possibility. Send me an email, and we can figure something out!

Can you deliver my goods if I am local?

Because we move around, this is a definite possibility. Send me an email, and we can figure something out!


How can I pay for my handmade goodness?

We accept cash in person, and credit or debit cards online.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept money orders or personal cheques at this time.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

Payment  in full is required for your items to ship. Our payment processor accepts a variety of credit and debit cards for your convenience. 


can I return my items?

I aim to provide as much detail in photographs and descriptions of each item to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you expect when you open your package.

It may be possible to return some items, however others like earrings and other items worn close to the body, and commissioned works are considered final sale.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order, it is not as you expected or it just isn’t right for some reason, please contact me immediately so we can resolve the issue for you, the best way possible. 

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About Nubby Dog:

A boy, his nubby dog (with a growing contingent of other wonderful beasts), and a tonne of goods made by hand and with all the love I can muster.